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Individual Therapy

The human experience is amazing, but it is not without times of struggle, confusion, and self-doubt. Deciding to “work with someone” honors the fact you want to live your most meaningful life and are willing to connect with another person to put real actions behind your values.

Our approach is person-centered meaning you determine what is most important and what it means to live your most fulfilling life. The first step in the process is building a therapeutic relationship based on respect and trust. Step two includes creating a safe environment that allows the individual to explore ways that their experiences have affected their thinking and emotional reactions. The next step of the process involves finding ways to accept that situations in our lives are not always ideal and at the same time we can still commit to actions that move us towards our best lives.

  • Anxiety

  • Social interactions

  • Panic

  • Depressed Mood

  • Body Image

  • Relationships

  • School/Work

  • Big Decisions

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